About Us

Who are we?...Local nontoxic home cleaners

Confucius said that nature can exist without humans, but humans cannot exist without nature, and Sher cleaning embraces these values during every cleaning at your home.

Why choose us?...Expert detailed care

20-40% of waste comes from paper towels, and Sher cleaning prefers reusable tools for cleaning minimizing waste of paper at your home. Also, in year 2000, cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10% of all toxic exposures, and Sher cleaning ensures safe environment at your home at all times. Many cleaning supplies contain hazardous substances, such as alkylphenols, benzene, and formaldehyde (suspected to be carcinogen), etc. Sher cleaning steadily and effectively dissolves these issues from your home. Moreover, we found that generic products underperform against its alternative rivals, such as pure haven essentials and/or DIY solutions.

What are the benefits?...Peace of mind

Sher cleaning is not only your local cleaning company, but also graduate yet solid adoption of healthy habits and lifestyle at your home. We believe that Sher cleaning provides more fun time with your family, peace of mind that your home is well managed, and perpetual care for your health enhanced with nontoxic solutions.