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Our fine cleaning services

Sher cleaning is 70% service and 30% products; we come conveniently to your home for free in-person estimate at the time that is most suitable for you; we provide you with detailed checklist and references. We carefully listen and list all your priorities and concerns guaranteeing exceptional satisfaction at all times.

Customized precision

We understand that each family has its unique dynamics and preferences, we customize our services to your specific needs and budget on weekly or biweekly basis. Specific needs and size of your home are main indicators  to our comprehensive pricing model.


"Experts in organizing" - Chris

"Cleaning the way I like, flexible with busy family schedules" - Ragini

"Our pets were safe and happy" - Sandy

" Creative problem solvers to our family" - Bill

Pure haven essentials

Our commitment  to product excellence oscillates between safety and effectiveness. We ensure nontoxic, disruptive odor free environment for your children and pets at all times.

Feedback in demand

After each weekly or biweekly cleaning you are encouraged to fill out the feedback form so we can serve you better every time we clean. Quick, simple and anonymous  evaluations may significantly improve our future services.

Referral process

If you found Sher cleaning helpful, it is worth a king's ransom to identify other people who may benefit from our cleaning services. We generously reward each introduction. For more details please visit our offers section.